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Transaction Advisory Services

As the commercial water and environmental services industries continue to expand and undergo a sweeping consolidation, all firms should be evaluating their competitive position and future strategic growth options. Should you get bigger and provide more services, or stay small, swift and focused? Should you preserve your agility and independence, or seek to grow stronger through combining with others? Are there really advantages to getting bigger?

TSG works with its clients to carefully evaluate these longer-term strategic growth alternatives, and to identify, evaluate and help to implement appropriate means of growing and focusing your business including partnerships, business alliances and possible acquisitions or divestitures. Based upon our extensive background and experience in the industry, these transactional support services include finding and introducing potential buyers or sellers of businesses, helping individual parties to conduct thorough due diligence on a proposed transaction, smoothing the way for effective and informative discussions, and assistance in laying the groundwork for transactions that are fair and equitable to both sides.

As a small and focused group, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to help identify and evaluate the most beneficial potential transaction. We bring an in-depth understanding of the industry, and an unparalleled set of senior-level contacts in the water and environmental services industry. Over the past two decades, TSG has provided support and assisted on dozens of transactions, working with buyers and sellers, both large and small.

Strategic Planning

In challenging and busy times, it is easy to let formal planning functions slip to the "back burner." At TSG, we believe that the successful players of the future will be those who have a superior understanding of the markets in which they participate, a clear vision of where they are going, and a good road map to get there. There is no substitute for a well thought-out and consistently implemented strategic plan.

TSG has helped many firms initiate, facilitate and institutionalize formal strategic planning programs. Often this has involved extensive assessment of new markets and research into new business opportunities. We have acted as external facilitators and on-going managers of the strategic planning process for various firms, and have conducted new business evaluation and acquisition search programs for numerous companies seeking to enter the environmental industry. Clients in this area have included some of the world's largest communications, technology, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, and chemicals companies.

Sales and Marketing Advisory Services

Many organizations with a useful service or product to sell never really get their message out - making financial success much more difficult to achieve than it needs to be. This phenomenon is particularly true of companies which are heavily oriented towards technical and scientific services. As the environmental services industry becomes a more and more competitive place, aggressive sales and effective marketing programs will be increasingly critical prerequisites for success.

In the sales and marketing area, TSG designs, implements and manages sales and marketing programs, conducts primary market research and planning, and coordinates advertising and corporate communications programs. For example, we evaluated and redesigned the sales organization and compensation program for one of the largest waste management companies in the world. We have assisted many companies in expanding their capabilities, or in building formal sales departments from scratch - designing more efficient organizations, recruiting professional staff, and helping to put in place rigorous tracking, monitoring, and incentive systems to insure high productivity.

Organizational and Management Consulting

Busy corporate managers often value an objective outside opinion on a tough management issue, or an extra set of arms and legs to finish up a challenging job. Often, an unbiased outside reviewer can bring new perspective to a problem, help evaluate a sensitive management or personnel issue, provide a different approach based upon the experiences of other companies that have faced similar challenges, even help bring peace to warring parties. TSG has worked on a variety of organizational, compensation and general management, issues - as a facilitator, a knowledgeable industry observer, or simply an external "sounding board." We have helped to plan and implement smooth integration programs following acquisitions or mergers. We have designed individual business units and developed management succession plans and broad ranging structural reorganizations. We often define specific organizations or jobs and then help to fill them with the right kind of people.